Cats love the taste of milk and find it irresistible

Cats love the taste of milk and find it irresistible. Gimpet Topinis with Milk are a great way to give your cat a healthy and delicious treat.

Cats love the taste of milk and find it irresistibleThey contain lots of creamy milk and just to add some fun they are shaped like little mice. But Gimpet Topinis with Milk are not just a tasty milk snack; they are also packed with lots of important vitamins and vital taurine. They contain conventional roughage as well as lactose derivatives with a high percentage of TGOS. TGOS stands for TransGalactoOligoSaccharide which is soluble roughage from nutritious milk making it unique in comparison plant fibre roughage. TGOS has a beneficial effect on gut flora as it provides a food source for good gut bacteria which helps to reduce bad bacteria. Topinis are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A vitamin E and the B vitamins. Cats need vitamins to stay fit and healthy. Vitamin A is great for the skin and eyes vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and protects the cells and the B vitamins help to improve your cat’s resistance. Topinis also include taurine which keeps your cat’s eyes and heart healthy. Gimpet Topinis with Milk at glance Delicious cat snack made with nutritious milk With plenty of vitamins and taurine With TGOS for healthy gut flora Cute mouse-shaped snacks Delicious milk snacks for cats – only from Gimpet.

Gimpet Topinis with Milk

Gimpet Topinis with Milk available now in our Cat Shop offers. Check out our Cat Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Gimpet Topinis with Milk and many more offers for Saver Pack: 5 x 70 snacks available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Cats love the taste of milk and find it irresistible.

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