Flat Roof Dog Kennel raising the house

The Flat Roof Dog Kennel has feet raising the house! Not raising the roof? We hear you. No, but this this dog kennel is rasied 7 cm off the ground and that’s good for your dog.

The Flat Roof Dog Kennel has feet raising the house apprxThis protects your dog from cold and moisture while also encouraging air circulation. The wood feet have rubber caps to protect them from lasting moisture. The flat roof is made weatherproof with tar paper and finished wood. It can be opened up to a 90 degree angle and the 5cm overhang protects against rain and drafts. The wall is 1.2 cm thick. The kennel’s wood is easy to clean and can be erected with the help of a few screws. Only a single screwdriver is required for assembly. Attention The dog kennel should not be so big that your dog’s body heat is not sufficient enough to maintain an acceptable level of warmth inside of it. If the kennel is too big your dog runs the risk of freezing. Tip Place a blanket inside the house to make your dog more comfortable. Product size S M L Exterior (roof) L x W x H (front / back) 85 cm x 57 cm x 58 / 51 cm 104 cm x 66 cm x 70 / 62 cm 116 cm x 79 cm x 82 / 72 cm InteriorL x W x H (front / back) 75 x 48.1 x 44 / 37 cm.

Flat Roof Dog Kennel Woody

Flat Roof Dog Kennel Woody available now in our Dog Shop offers. Check out our Dog Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Flat Roof Dog Kennel Woody and many more offers for S: 85 x 57 x 58cm (L x W x H) available at Bargain Pet Supplies. The Flat Roof Dog Kennel has feet raising the house apprx.

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