Low-dust compact and especially hygienic

Low-dust compact and especially hygienic. Extremely absorbent granules 4 x more efficient than traditional litter.

Low-dust compact and especially hygienicTigerino Clumping Litter is especially fine-grain and low-dust 100% natural cat litter. Benefits Clumps instantly Free from chemical additives Extremely absorbent – 4 x more efficient that traditional litter 100% natural Super hygienic Keeps odours locked in extra long Low-dust granules Tigerino Cat Litter is free of chemical additives. The quick formation of small clumps keeps the rest of the litter dry. Regular removal of soiled litter with a litter shovel keeps the rest of the litter fresh and hygienic. Find the perfect disposal bin for soiled cat litter LitterLocker II PLus Here you can find Covered Litter Boxes Covered Litter Boxes Here you can find more on Odour Management Odour Management.

Tigerino Nuggies Cat Litter

  • Product: Tigerino Nuggies Cat Litter
  • Options: Economy Pack: 2 x 14 kg
  • Category: Cat Shop > Cat Litter

Tigerino Nuggies Cat Litter available now in our Cat Shop offers. Check out our Cat Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Tigerino Nuggies Cat Litter and many more offers for Economy Pack: 2 x 14 kg available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Low-dust compact and especially hygienic.

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