Lukullus complete dog food comprehensive formula

Lukullus complete dog food is based on a particularly comprehensive formula. The combination of meat-based proteins vegetable ingredients and valuable oils ensures that your dog receives all the nutrients he or she needs completely without chemical additives.

Lukullus complete dog food is based on a particularly comprehensive formulaNature provides everything that dogs need. All ingredients are freshly processed in a gentle cooking process. This preserves the original flavour of the meat and vegetables and protects the nutritional value of all the ingredients. The high quality healthy and tasty dog food from Lukullus provides your gourmet dog with everything it needs. Lukullus trust in the power of nature. Lukullus is specially composed using a unique blend of ingredients Over 65% of the content is meat forming the basis for a healthy diet for your dog. The meat and giblets in the recipe are subject to the highest control standards and guarantee that your dog is going to love it. High quality carbohydrates and fibres support the metabolism. Fruit and vegetables give the recipe a particularly fresh flavour whilst supplying natural vitamins. Rounded off with various oils this recipe will give your pet glossy fur and healthy skin as they are rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. And of course no chemical additives or preservatives are used in the preparation. The flavour variety Venison & Rabbit with Brown Rice Apple and Linseed Oil contains wild game which provides the best meat because game grows naturally and freely and feeds itself from nature. Lean venison and tender rabbit is an especially agreeable combination and provides your dog with high-quality proteins. Apple enriches the recipe with additional vitamins and provides a fresh flavour while brown rice ensures sufficient dietary fiber. Linseed oil rounds out the formula with its high content of omega 3 fatty acids promoting glossy fur and healthy skin.

Lukullus Venison & Rabbit

Lukullus Venison & Rabbit available now in our Dog Shop offers. Check out our Dog Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Lukullus Venison & Rabbit and many more offers for 6 x 800 g available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Lukullus complete dog food is based on a particularly comprehensive formula.

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