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 Here at Bargain Pet Supplies you can list your pedigree puppies, kittens or studs with us.

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Free Pedigree Breeder Listing!

Here at Bargain Pet Supplies we know it’s vital to buy a puppy or kitten from a reputable breeder.

To help Pedigree Breeders in the UK and Internationally we provide free listings for breeders for our visitors to browse.

If you are a Pedigree Breeder you can submit a ‘FREE Pedigree Breeder’ listing to our site using the form to the right.

Please note listings may take several days to update and become live.

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Promote Your Kennel Free at Bargain Pet Supplies. If you would like to add your Kennel we would be delighted to hear from you by submitting your list.

Adding your listing

Complete the form including a profile of your Kennel.
There’s nothing like a brief profile to describe you promote responsible and are a caring breeder.  Perhaps include how long you have been breeding and held your Affix. Also maybe include what Breed Clubs you belong to setting you apart from other breeders. We also have our Useful Pet Links page where you can also add a link.

Choose Some Pictures of Your Dogs & Cats

Show a selection of photos of your puppies and kittens. Simply upload the files to include them in your listing. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Please Note: Listings take several days to appear.

Image Sizes

To ensure images are displayed to their optimum display on this page we ask that images are sent in the following sizes.



Please ensure files sent are not more than 1mb in file size each.

Are you a Breeder?

Add a Listing to our Pedigree Breeders

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    Your preferred method of contact by visitors will display your telephone/email on the web page.

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    Choose a logo & photos of your Dogs/Cats

    We also publish photos alongside your breeder listing which we will ask for when you submit your 'Breeder Listing'.

    Please note images must be max 1000px width, 1mb max file size, .jpg format

    Alternatively click here to send us your photos now then proceed to submit your listing.

    We will confirm contact details before adverts are published. Please ensure your details are correct before submitting.

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