Pipolino is a unique toy for dogs of all ages

Pipolino is a unique toy for dogs of all ages. It aims to exercise dogs that spend most of their day inside The handy dumbbell shape makes it easy to roll this feeder across the floor and get to the dry dog food inside which will fall out of the holes.

Pipolino is a unique toy for dogs of all agesPerfect for lazy and overweight dogs but also great to keep active dogs occupied and boredom at bay. Pipolino is especially suitable for puppies in their learning stages. A new puppy will be in its ‘oral phase ‘ – everything has to be discovered by putting it in the mouth. But unlike babies puppies will not just suck things they will leave gnaw marks as well. Pipolino is an easy remedy for this. Simply feed your puppy its daily meals three times a day through the Pipolino. Your puppy will be spending three times 15-20 minutes gobbling up his meal and keeping its little mouth busy instead of the usual three minutes. Position the Pipolino where your puppy wakes up next to its basket. After eating for 20 minutes your puppy will be tired and go back to sleep. As soon as he wakes up all you ‘ll have to do is take him for a walk. This will teach your puppy to stay in the place you ‘ve prepared for him and will help with house-training. He ‘ll be busy and cause three times less damage. If he does try to nibble on the leg of a chair a simple ‘No. ‘ throwing him a toy will be enough. Help your puppy to learn with this great accessory. In the course of your puppy’s growth you can continue to feed him in this way. It will prevent your puppy eating to quickly and vomiting after the meal. Intelligent activity for a whole life. Pipolino was developed to prevent the risks associated with sedentary indoor dogs such as overweight boredom stress depression challenging behaviour compulsive eating amyotrophia or premature ageing. All advantages of Pipolino at a glance Keeps your dog busy for hours Encoura.

Pipolino Dog Anti-Stress Home Trainer

Pipolino Dog Anti-Stress Home Trainer available now in our Dog Shop offers. Check out our Dog Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Pipolino Dog Anti-Stress Home Trainer and many more offers for Pipolino 2-coloured available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Pipolino is a unique toy for dogs of all ages.

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