10kg Alpine Beef Sterilised Adult Happy Cat Dry Cat Food

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Cats in every stage of life can enjoy Happy Cat Adult Sterilised Alpine Beef Dry Food and its unique gluten-free recipe, with optimum nutritional content to form the basis for an active, happy lifestyle. It has been specially developed to meet the nutritional needs sterilised adult cats. It is particularly flavoursome, with just 10.5% fat and a high fibre content to help leave your cat feeling fuller faster and helping to maintain an ideal weight. Delicious Alpine beef and poultry offer valuable animal protein. It is enriched with a broad range of valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as beneficial herbs. The All-in-One formula of Happy Cat Adult Sterilised Alpine Beef Dry Food offers a variety of nutrients to support your sterilised cat’s health, including unsaturated omega fatty acids to support smooth skin and glossy coat. DL-methionine helps to regulate the pH value of urine and support healthy urinary tract function. The essential nutrient taurine helps to strengthen heart and eyes, whilst other active ingredients combat the build up of hairballs and encourage dental health. The Bavarian producer of this food guarantees the use of high-quality ingredients and irresistible flavour that will be well-accepted by every sterilised cat! Happy Cat Adult Sterilised Alpine Beef Dry Food at a glance: Balanced dry food for sterilised cats Specially adapted to meet nutritional needs after castration Gluten-free: also suitable for sensitive cats with allergies or intolerances Regulates appetite: fibre-rich recipe that quickly leaves your cat feeling full Only 10.5% fat: supports weight management With Alpine beef and poultry: rich in valuable proteins to help maintain strong musculature All-in-One recipe: innovative nutritional concept – Natural Life Concept – for cats in every growth phase Plenty of animal protein: 37% total content, with 91% from animal sources and rich in high-quality amino acids With taurine: an essential nutrient for strengthening your cat’s heart and vision Hairball control: ingredients to combat the build up of hairballs Dental care: support oral hygiene and healthy teeth Regulates the pH value of urine: combats urinary tract infections Omega-3 and -6: unsaturated fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat Digestible: thanks to high-quality ingredients and components such as linseeds and chicory root extract to encourage digestion With beneficial herbs: a colourful mixture of valuable herb extracts from nettle, chamomile, dandelion, sage, coriander and others Contains seaweed: rich in natural nutrients With Yucca schidigera: rich in natural nutrients Well accepted: producer guarantees the use of high-quality ingredients in an aromatic recipe that all cats will love Free from genetically-modified ingredients, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, sugar and soya Reliably sourced: produced in Bavaria under the strictest independent quality controls


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