10x Pigs' Ears Premium Bavarian Dog Chews
10x Pigs’ Ears Premium Bavarian Dog Chews
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10x Pigs’ Ears Premium Bavarian Dog Chews


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Pigs’ ears are a classic chew snack that is well-loved by all dogs. These premium whole pigs’ ears are of the highest quality and are carefully produced in Bavaria. They satisfy your dog’s desire to chew and reflect the natural diet of carnivorous dogs. The high proportion of cartilage in pigs’ ears makes them particularly easy to digest and helps to strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles. Chewing is a natural way for your dog to clean his teeth and care for his gums. Pigs’ ears are more substantial and filling than cows’ ears, making them particularly ideal as a snack between meals. Premium Bavarian Pigs’ Ears at a glance: Extra high quality Fatty, for intense chewing fun Also suitable as a wholesome snack between meals Satisfies your dog’s need to chew and supports his dental health Gently dried at 130°, smoke-free drying process Natural chew, free from chemical additives Free from artificial colours and flavourings Treat your dog to a premium-quality natural snack!


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