10x60g Tuna & Shrimp Pots Applaws Wet Cat Food

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Created as a perfect complementary food for adult cats, the 100% natural cat food has been placed into convenient plastic pots. Simply peel off the lid and feed directly from the pot. A tasty treat for cats that deserve to be spoilt! Applaws Cat Pot is a complementary feed made only from 100% natural, high quality ingredients. The chicken comes from birds raised without hormones or antibiotics on species-appropriate feed. The fish fillets come from species-appropriate, sustainable fishing. No animal by-products were used in any of the flavour varieties, just fine fillet chunks. The juicy, delicious meals are packed in handy plastic trays – simply peel off the lid and your cat can eat directly from the tray. This is particularly ideal for cat-sitters who may not pay as great attention to bowl hygiene as the cat’s owner. Applaws Cat Pots contain absolutely no added colourants, attractants, artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers. In addition, every variety is also grain-free. The natural texture of this feed will win any cat over! Applaws Cat Pot cat food at a glance: In new, exciting flavours Packed in handy plastic trays in which the food can be served No meat by-products 100% natural ingredients Chicken raised on species-appropriate, hormone-free and antibiotic-free feed Fish from species-appropriate, sustainable fishing No added colourants, attractants, artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers Gluten-free



Great savings on Applaws, the Pet food that delivers Health & Wellbeing. Applaws Pet Food focus on creating cat food and dog food that is 100% natural. Making pet food matters.


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