12x370g Elk Chunks in Jelly Bozita Naturals Wet Dog Food

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Pure, natural pet food from Sweden: Bozita Chunks in Jelly wet dog food selects only the finest ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and produced with respect for the people, the animals and the environment. These great-tasting recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no unnecessary additives. Swedish laws have strict guidelines about animal protection and hygiene, so you know that you are feeding your dog a top quality, tasty meal which is free from antibiotics and carcass meal. Bozita Chunks in Jelly dog food contains both a high meat content and the finest natural ingredients. All flavours are free from soya, sugar, artificial additives, and the majority are free from grain. This makes Bozita an excellent option to feed to dogs with gluten intolerances or grain allergies. Bozita Chunks in Jelly contains MacroGard®, a natural beta glucane found in yeast that helps to promote a strong immune system. This delicious, complete food provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals they need and can also be fed as a supplementary food. The practical and environmentally friendly Tetra Recart® packaging is easy to open and keeps the contents protected. Bozita Tetra Recart® packs are resealable by simply folding down the corners, which can keep the food fresh and tasty for up to two days when refrigerated. Once your dog has finished a pack, the empty, flattened packaging doesn’t takes up much space and can be widely recycled. Bozita Chunks in Jelly wet dog food at a glance: Complete wet food for adult dogs Suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities or grain allergies Natural recipes: Responsibly sourced ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms and with no unnecessary additives Made in Sweden: Under strict Swedish guidelines – no antibiotics, no carcass meal Meat chunks in jelly: for a high acceptance and delicious flavour Rich in meat: Top quality, fresh meat is easy to digest and provides your dog with all the protein they need Grain-free: Well accepted, and easy to digest. Chicken Rice contains grain With MacroGard®: Naturally-occurring beta glucane found in yeast that help promote a strong immune system Practical and environmentally friendly Tetra Recart® packaging: Resealable and stays fresh for up to two days in the refrigerator How to easily open the tetra packaging: Bozita Mixed Pack 1 contains: 3 x 370g Salmon 3 x 370g Elk 3 x 370g Reindeer 3 x 370g Chicken Rice Bozita Mixed Pack 2 contains: 4 x 370g Salmon 4 x 370g Reindeer 4 x 370g Chicken Rice



Great deals on Bozita Cat Food & pet supplies! Bozita is a Swedish, top-quality cat food brand using high-class ingredients that contains everything your cat needs to be healthy.


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