12x85g Meat Mixed Pack Miamor Pâté Wet Cat Food

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Miamor Pâté contains balanced magnesium levels. Cats need magnesium to keep healthy but excessive amounts can lead to the build-up of urinary stones, especially in cats which are particularly susceptible to urinary stones. Miamor Pâté – the finest complete meal for discerning cats. Portioned meals No artificial colourings Grain-free Soya-free No beef Miamor Pâté is so fine and tender, even the most choosy cat won’t be able to resist it! The Mixed Pack: Meat contains the following varieties: 3 x Chicken 3 x Pheasant 3 x Poultry Liver 3 x Poultry Hearts The Mixed Pack: Fish contains the following varieties: 6 x Salmon 3 x Tuna 3 x Trout



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