12x95g Chichen Fillet Almo Nature Wet Dog Food
12x95g Chichen Fillet Almo Nature Wet Dog Food
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12x95g Chichen Fillet Almo Nature Wet Dog Food


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Almo Nature


Almo Nature HFC is a natural, great-tasting supplementary wet dog food. Each ingredient is 100% human grade standard* and this delicious food is naturally rich in proteins and nutrients. As a natural product, HFC is free of artificial additives such as preservatives, attractants and colours – the ingredients are preserved in the stock they are cooked in which helps to keep the nutrients and flavours locked in. Almo Nature HFC contains no added vitamins or minerals, because the ingredients are already naturally rich in them. Almo Nature HFC at a glance: 100% human grade meat Preserved in tasty stock Nutrient rich Easy to digest Naturally rich in protein and nutrients No artificial additives, preservatives, attractants or colours Supplementary food * All meat used is rated 100% human grade standard. This means that it is considered suitable for human consumption according to EU regulations, but is not marketed as such for commercial reasons.


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Almo Nature


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