15kg Optiness Josera Dry Dog Food

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Fussy dogs will love this Josera Optiness Corn-Free, made with a balanced recipe that is free from corn and enriched with valuable ingredients to meet the h… Read more»

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Fussy dogs will love this Josera Optiness Corn-Free, made with a balanced recipe that is free from corn and enriched with valuable ingredients to meet the highest flavour and digestibility demands. This premium dry food contains lamb and poultry, is easy to digest and well accepted. The croquettes have been specially designed for the jaws of medium and large breed dogs. A moderate protein content helps ensure that your averagely active dog’s organs are not overloaded. Josera Optiness Corn-Free contains a balanced calcium-phosphorus content in combination with vitamin C, manganese and copper to encourage strong bones and healthy joints. L-carnitine and taurine included in the recipe support strong, healthy heart function. Josera Optiness Corn-Free is made with neither artificial colours, flavours and preservatives nor with genetically modified ingredients. As with all Josera products, it is free form additives with allergenic potential, including wheat, sugar, soya and milk products. The meat is suitable for human consumption and all components undergo rigorous quality controls. In order to preserve the high-quality properties of this Josera Optiness Corn-Free, it comes in a practical resealable bag. Josera Optiness Corn-Free at a glance: High quality dry food for medium and large breed adult dogs Reduced protein formula: relieves the organs No corn: a perfect dish for those with intolerance or allergy to corn With lamb: a delicious, alternative carbohydrate source that is easy to digest With taurine and L-carnitine: contributes to strengthened heart function Balanced phosphorus-calcium content, vitamin C, manganese and copper: support strong bones and healthy joints Healthy skin and gleaming, glossy coat: valuable fatty acids to support skin and fur health Free from colours, flavours, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients Free from ingredients with allergenic potential: wheat, soya, sugar and milk products Made in Germany: quality controlled at the in-house Josera laboratory Large croquettes: delicious kibble in the perfect size, shape and consistency for medium and large breed dogs Flavour protection: resealable pouch for freshness and to preserve nutrients



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