200g Chewies Chicken Dog Bone Treats
200g Chewies Chicken Dog Bone Treats
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200g Chewies Chicken Dog Bone Treats


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Positive reinforcement in the form of a treat is an irreplaceable part of training for your dog. Look forward to training becoming much easier with these Chewies Bone Treats (Semi-Moist). The little bone-shaped goodies have been specially developed with the help of dog schools and trainers. The high meat content means they are well accepted and ideal for training. The Chewies Bone Treats (Semi-Moist) are approximately 2cm in size, or they can be broken into smaller pieces. The soft consistency makes this easy to do! Chewies Bone Treats (Semi-Moist) at a glance: Supplementary food for dogs Very high meat content: with a low fat content Perfect as a reward: for obedience and training Ideal size and structure: easy to divide and feed during training, or can be broken into pieces No sugar: can help reduce dental and digestive issues



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