200g Poultry Mini Bones Barkoo Dog Treats

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Spoil your dog with these delicious Barkoo Mini Bones, an ideal between-meal snack or great as a reward during training. They can also enrich your dog’s diet, offering support for overall health. Barkoo Mini Bones are particularly useful for training due to their small size, meaning they do not distract your dog for too long from the task at hand. These mouth-watering, juicy snacks offer true enjoyment, as well as being sugar-free. Barkoo Mini Bites are available in 4 different flavours: Lamb: a tender treat made from digestible lamb Poultry: dog chew full of protein-rich poultry Tripe: a training snack made from tripe, great for supporting digestive function Salmon: tasty titbit with hearty salmon Barkoo – Mad about Snacks! Barkoo Mini Bones now comes in new packaging with a new design.



Greats deals on Barkoo chews & treats! Barkoo are natural chews made from 100% natural ingredients, these tasty rawhide treats will keep your pup occupied for hours! Barkoo snacks are also great for looking after your dog's teeth and gums.


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