20x15g Mixed Pack II Milkies Animonda Cat Snacks

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The Animonda Milkies Mixed Pack will bring some extra variety to your cat’s diet with this brand new style of snack. These milk-based liquid treats are available in four delicious flavours: Mixed Pack I contains ‘Beauty’ with extra zinc, ‘Active’ with vital taurine, ‘Balance’ with vitamins D and E, and ‘Harmony’ with added malt. The grain-free Mixed Pack II contains ‘Power’ with a boost of nutrients, ‘Happy’ with beta-carotene from carrots, ‘Passion’ with pineapple and ‘Adventure’ with cranberries. Spoil your cat by serving this mouth-watering snack straight from the cup, or add to wet food for an extra special touch. This treat also tastes great added to your cat’s water. Animonda Milkies are all low in gluten and easy to digest. The individual cups are packed in a handy box dispenser. Mixed Pack I contains: Beauty: with extra zinc Active: rich in taurine Balance: with vitamin D and E Harmony: with appetising malt Mixed Pack II contains: Power: with beetroot, rich in nutrients Happy: with carrot, rich in beta-carotene, promotes eyesight Passion: with pineapple, rich in bromelain, inhibits inflammation Adventure: with cranberry, a natural antibiotic with antibacterial properties —> Animonda Milkies Mixed Pack at a glance: Milk-based cat snack 20 treat cups in 4 tasty varieties In a handy dispenser Low in gluten and easy to digest Different ways to enjoy: As a reward straight from the cup As a topping for wet food Added to water



Great savings on Animonda, committed to providing a product of the highest quality. That means natural nutrition specially formulated for cats.


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