24x800g Austria World Tour Rocco Wet Dog Food
24x800g Austria World Tour Rocco Wet Dog Food
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24x800g Austria World Tour Rocco Wet Dog Food


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Let your dog experience the taste of Austria with the new special edition Rocco World Tour: Austria. It will give your dog a culinary treat with this delicious limited edition made with typical Austrian ingredients. Wintertime in Austria is a time of snowy landscapes and crisp winter weather and this wet dog food, made with finest wild boar, delicious spaetzle noodles and rounded off with juicy lingonberries is just the thing for chilly weather. Your dog will love this hearty Austrian meal which is perfect for the winter season. Make sure your dog gets to enjoy this limited edition Rocco World Tour: Austria. Only available while stocks last. The tasty wet food contains delicious ingredients, healthy fibre and a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which help to keep your dog healthy: Vitamin D3: for healthy bones and teeth Vitamin E: for healthy muscles Take your dog on a culinary trip around the world with Rocco World Tour dog foods and let it enjoy typical dishes from different countries! No formed Meat Not all meat is the same. Many products contain so-called “formed meat” which has been formed to imitate natural meat fibres. Rocco is guaranteed not to contain formed meat. It is made using only fresh meat and does not contain animal meal (e.g. bone meal), vegetable protein (e.g. soya) or other fillers. No pork Rocco World Tour wet dog food contains at least 50% beef. It contains a further 15% meat as named in the ingredients list for that variety. No chemical colours, aromas or taste enhancers Rocco uses only fresh meat of the highest quality. It does not use any chemical additives such as taste enhancers, artificial colouring or preservatives. Rocco wet dog food is gently processed to retain all the healthy nutrients and tasty meat flavour.



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