24x800g Duck & Veal Lukullus Wet Dog Food

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Lukullus complete wet dog food is a range of delicious natural recipes, all designed to keep your dog happy and healthy. The combination of premium meat proteins, vegetable ingredients and high quality oils ensures that your dog receives all the necessary nutrients – completely without chemical additives. All ingredients are fresh, and combined in a gentle cooking process that preserves the original flavour of the meat and vegetables, and protects their nutritional value. This high quality, healthy and tasty dog food from Lukullus provides your dog with everything it needs. Lukullus wet dog food at a glance: Over 65% of the food is meat, forming the basis of a healthy diet for your dog. The meat and giblets in the recipe are subject to the highest control standards, and guarantee that your dog is going to love it. High quality carbohydrates and fibre support your dog’s metabolism. Fruit and vegetables give the recipe a particularly fresh flavour, whilst supplying natural vitamins. A variety of delicious oils complete each recipe, adding Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to support your pet’s glossy fur and healthy skin. No chemical additives or preservatives are used in the preparation of Lukullus wet dog food. Now also available in the following Mixed Saver Packs: Mixed Pack I: 8 x Lamb Poultry with Potato, Fresh Dandelion, and Grape Seed Oil 4 x Venison Rabbit with Brown Rice, Apple, and Linseed Oil 4 x Wild Rabbit Turkey with Pear, Oat Flakes, and Black Onion Seed Oil 4 x Goose Turkey Heart with Barley, Leeks, and St John’s Wort Oil 4 x Turkey Beef with Potatoes, Parsley, and Sunflower Oil Mixed Pack II (Grain-free): 8 x Poultry Lamb with Potatoes, Dandelion and Linseed Oil 8 x Duck Veal with Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Linseed Oil 8 x Beef Turkey with Potatoes, Parsley and Sunflower Oil More information about Lukullus wet dog food, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here: Lukullus Wet Dog Food Lukullus – trust in the power of nature!



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