24x85g Salmon with Sweet Potato Tigeria Wet Cat Food

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Tigeria is a premium, grain-free cat food featuring a unique combination of delightfully succulent meat and a tender filling of vegetables, fruit or delicious salmon. Irresistibly tasty until the last mouthful. Tigeria cat food is a culinary delight for even the fussiest of cats! The irresistible flavour and smell of each of the high-quality ingredients is preserved during the gentle preparation process. No unnecessary ingredients like grains, as well as flavour enhancers, preservatives and colourings, have been added. This premium cat food matches your cat’s dietary needs thanks to its tailored nutritional profile. Tigeria cat food is available in the following varieties: 24 x 85g No. 1 Mix (8 x 85g chicken with carrot and pea mash, 8 x 85g turkey with apple and pear compote, 8 x 85g salmon with sweet potato) 24 x 85g No. 2 Mix (8 x 85g chicken with salmon filling, 8 x 85g beef with tomato sauce, 8 x 85g turkey and salmon with sweet potato and spinach) 24 x 85g Chicken with carrot and pea mash 24 x 85g Turkey with apple and pear compote 24 x 85g Salmon with sweet potato filling 24 x 85g Chicken with salmon filling 24 x 85g Beef with tomato sauce 24 x 85g Turkey and salmon with sweet potato and spinach Tigeria cat food at a glance: A wide range of varieties and unique recipes High proportion of animal protein Irresistible fillings made from vegetables, fruit or salmon Grain-free recipe No artificial preservatives, enhancers or colourings Free from lactose and gluten Very widely accepted Complete food for adult cats Made in Germany



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