2x10kg Chicken Senior for Vitality IAMS Dry Cat Food
2x10kg Chicken Senior for Vitality IAMS Dry Cat Food
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2x10kg Chicken Senior for Vitality IAMS Dry Cat Food


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The balanced recipe of IAMS for Vitality Senior Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats over the age of 7 years. As older cats often move less and are more susceptible to health issues, the ingredients of this dish have been chosen to ensure strong muscles and good immune system health. This senior dish also contains a high quantity of animal protein from poultry (42%), as well as a moderate fat content and L-carnitine, helping boost metabolism. Antioxidants and the high digestibility of this dish hep keep your senior cat’s bodily defences strong even in its advanced years. Special nutrients support the health of your senior cat’s bones, teeth and joints, whilst the naturally occurring taurine in chicken and turkey help to keep your pet’s heart and eyesight strong and healthy. The kibble has a special shape to make it easy to bite and chew, whilst the improved recipe makes it smell and taste delicious. Even the choosiest cats will enjoy this tasty dry kibble, and you can rest assured that they are consuming all of the nutrients they need to enjoy healthy old age! IAMS for Vitality Senior Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food at a glance: Balanced dry food for senior cats aged 7+ Recipe with a nutrient profile that has been specially adapted to suit the needs of older cats 42% chicken turkey: with quality animal proteins for a great flavour and aroma Strong, lean muscles: the food’s moderate fat content, high levels of animal protein and L-carnitine all help your cat to maintain a healthy weight and good muscle tone, even if they are less active as a result of advanced age Good digestion: healthy ingredients and prebiotics (FOS) create a balanced gut flora Strong immune system: rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to boost the body’s defences Healthy joints: ingredients to help to maintain joint health into old age With taurine: to helpt to maintain healthy eyesight and a healthy heart Healthy teeth: can support good oral health Omega fatty acids: help to keep skin and coat healthy Well accepted: tasty kibble with an improved recipe including lots of chicken and selected ingredients for a great taste Balanced and complete: all-round nutrition with vitamins, minerals and trace elements No added flavourings, colourings or preservatives Shaped pellets: flavourful kibble, designed with your pet’s mouth shape in mind, making them easy to bite and chew



Great savings on IAMS! Iams is committed to helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives through innovative nutrition that truly makes a difference.


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