2x10kg Persian Kitten Royal Canin Dry Cat Food
2x10kg Persian Kitten Royal Canin Dry Cat Food
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2x10kg Persian Kitten Royal Canin Dry Cat Food


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Royal Canin


The young Persian is the gentle majesty of tomorrow. Absolute perfection and irresistible beauty are her trademarks. Her unique coat with over 300 variations makes the Persian cat one of the most popular feline breeds across the whole world. Her unmistakable looks are accompanied by her noble, gentle and friendly character. The Persian cat is a calm and even-tempered aristocrat among cat breeds. Royal Canin Persian Kitten has been specially developed to meet the needs of your growing kitten, especially its long, glossy, thick coat. This coat type requires care and nutrients from the very beginning, so Royal Canin Persian Kitten contains an adapted protein content as well as a precise selection of vitamins and nutrients to support overall wellbeing and keep your cat’s coat healthy and glossy. The digestive system is also develop9ing, so Royal Canin Persian Kitten provides an exclusive recipe with highly digestible proteins of the highest quality and ingredients such as psyllium with prebiotic fibres to keep the digestive flora balanced. Persions have a wide, short head shape and eat their food beneath their tongue, so Royal Canin Persian Kitten has been developed with a special kibble shape. Each pieces is small and square, with a soft texture to make it easier to chew and take on nutrients. Royal Canin Persian Kitten also has a patented antioxidant complex with vitamin E that supports healthy growth of the immune system and naturally bodily defences. Royal Canin Persian Kitten at a glance: Special dry food for Persian kittens between 2-12 months Optimum growth phase Vitamins and nutrients to support healthy growth and glossy coat, with adapted fibre content for balanced gut flora and antioxidants for strong immune system. Ideal for Persian kittens The shape of this kibble is ideal for short, wide jaws, with a soft texture to ensure nutrient intake and sufficient chewing. Healthy skin: nutrient complex to reduce irritation and strengthen the barrier function For natural beauty: intensifies the colour, gloss and silkiness of the coat Reduces hairballs: exclusive combination of nutritious fibres helps combat hairball build up in the digestive tract Adapted protein content: for vitality and strength Strengthened digestive security: fructo-oligosaccharides, dried sugar beet pulp, lutein, taurine, vitamins E and C for strong digestibility With EPA/DHA: to protect the intestinal mucous Optimised protection with L-lysine: reduces intensity of clinical symptoms of herpes and protects against viruses Royal Canin Quality Guarantee All Royal Canin products undergo comprehensive quality controls to ensure your pet’s food is of the highest standard and that individual needs as well as lifestyle are accounted for. This means that Royal Canin Kitten offers your young cat high-quality, balanced nutrition.


Royal Canin

Royal Canin dog food and cat food, the best pet food which perfectly meet dogs' and cats' needs. Royal Canin take pride in each formula has been created to deliver nutrition tailored to your pet’s health needs whatever their size, breed, age or lifestyle.
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