2x12kg Adult Premium Chicken & Rice Arden Grange Dry Dog Food
2x12kg Adult Premium Chicken & Rice Arden Grange Dry Dog Food
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2x12kg Adult Premium Chicken & Rice Arden Grange Dry Dog Food


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Arden Grange


Arden Grange Adult Premium – Chicken Rice is rich in fresh chicken (20%). This delicious, easy to digest dry dog food for adult dogs will appeal to even the choosiest dog. It is made using only healthy, natural ingredients and is packed with vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It provides adult dogs with normal levels of activity with a nutritious meal. This super premium food contains a total of 40% chicken and is highly digestible as well as a great source of valuable animal protein. It is free from artificial aromas and preservatives. It is also wheat gluten free and nor does it contain any dairy products, rice, soya or genetically modified products so it is ideal for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. Arden Grange Adult Premium – Chicken Rice dog food contains a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, all of which help to support your dog’s health while being very palatable. It is rich in healthy omega 3 6 fatty acids which support healthy, supple skin and thick, shiny fur. Cranberry extract supports a healthy urinary tract and nucleotides are good for the digestive system. Arden Grange Adult Premium – Chicken Rice dry dog food at a glance: Premium dry food for adult dogs with medium to high activity levels Hypo-allergenic recipe with no wheat gluten, also suitable for dogs with nutritional allergies and sensitivities High animal protein content: with 20% fresh chicken it is very tasty and ideal for fussy dogs. It is an excellent source of animal protein and easy to digest A balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids: help to promote supple skin and shiny thick fur With nucleotides: which help maintain a healthy digestive system Cranberry extract: supports healthy kidneys and urinary tract Organic citrus extract promotes healthy dental hygiene Smaller faeces: thanks to high digestibility supported by prebiotics (FOS MOS), nucleotides and top quality ingredients Supports a healthy immune system: with natural antioxidants and vitamins Healthy joints and good mobility: glucosamine, chondroitin MSM as well as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D all support healthy joints Balanced nutrient profile: the tasty kibble covers your pet’s nutritional needs including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant extracts Yucca extract can help to reduce bad breath and smelly faeces No: wheat, soya, beef, dairy products, GMO products, artificial additives such as aroma, colour and preservatives Made in UK: Arden Grange is a family run business that has been developing superior premium food for cats and dogs since 1996. Their philosophy is centred on “nutrition without compromise” which remains at the very heart of everything that Arden Grange does Recommended for: Adult dogs with normal activity levels Adult dogs requiring a hypoallergenic diet Also suitable for: Fussy eaters Dogs that need to gain weight Owners who are looking for a high meat content (40% chicken plus additional high-quality protein from egg and fish) Working dogs with moderate to high activity levels Show dogs


Arden Grange

Great offers on Arden Grange pet supplies, nutrition without compromise is the foundation of everything that they do. All of their canine and feline diets are naturally hypoallergenic, benefiting from prebiotics and joint support. All ingredients in their diets serve a purpose and have been included for their nutritional value to promote optimum health and vitality.
Arden Grange


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