2x12kg Rottweiler Royal Canin Dog Food
2x12kg Rottweiler Royal Canin Dog Food
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2x12kg Rottweiler Royal Canin Dog Food


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Royal Canin


The Rottweiler is an athletic dog with strong jaws, the ideal guard dog. It has a short, black coat with a partially brown undercoat, creating its uniquely attractive appearance. Rottweilers love children and are friendly, affectionate and obedient, making them ideal family dogs. They are confident and fearless dogs that walk through the world with a high degree of attentiveness. Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult is a dry food specially developed for the breed, offering an adapted energy content and vital L-carnitine to help maintain strong, lean muscle mass as well as promoting ideal weight. The sturdy physique means your Rottweiler’s bones are under stress, so chondroitin and glucosamine have been included to reduce cartilage degradation and support joint and bone health. Essential omega-3 fatty acids can help to support the contract strength of the heart muscles and strengthen heart muscle function. Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult at a glance: Specially tailored dry food for adult Rottweilers over 18 months Supports an active lifestyle The dry food is tailored to the needs of the Rottweiler, for healthy heart function, muscle maintenance and strong bones and joints. Optimised kibble shape The special kibble is ideal for a Rottweiler’s jaws, slowing nutrient intake and encouraging chewing. Optimal body building: adapted protein content and L-carnitine to help maintain muscle mass and ideal weight Joint protection: chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine can slow cartilage degradation and stimulate cartilage cell regeneration Healthy heart muscle function: EPA and DHA can support natural heart muscle strength Vitamin E and C: can protect against free radicals Balanced mineral content: to support natural urinary tract function Royal Canin Quality Guarantee All Royal Canin products undergo strict quality controls, in order to ensure your dog receives a premium quality food adapted to meet its individual nutritional needs and specific lifestyle. This means that Royal Canin offers your dog high-quality, balanced nutrition.


Royal Canin

Royal Canin dog food and cat food, the best pet food which perfectly meet dogs' and cats' needs. Royal Canin take pride in each formula has been created to deliver nutrition tailored to your pet’s health needs whatever their size, breed, age or lifestyle.
Royal Canin


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