2x15kg Adult Grass-fed Lamb Markus Mühle Dry Dog Food

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Markus Mühle Grass-fed Lamb complete dry adult dog food is made in Germany using only the highest quality ingredients. This meat-rich kibble provides your dog with a balanced, very tasty meal. The gentle cold pressing process helps to ensure that most of the vital nutrients are preserved. In addition to lamb, this complete dry dog food also contains easy to digest rice as well as millet, vegetables and hemp oil. This balanced mix is enriched with linseed, mussel extract, and siliceous earth. Markus Mühle Grass-fed Lamb contains all the nutrients your hound needs. It supports joint and bone health and can have a positive impact on your dog’s metabolism. It is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Markus Mühle Grass-fed Lamb at a glance: High quality complete dry food for fully grown dogs With lamb and rice: easily digestible, delicious, and nutritious Selected ingredients: vegetables, millet, and hemp oil, rich in healthy fats and nutrients Supplemented with linseed, mussel extract, and siliceous earth: to support joint and bone health, and help boost metabolism Cold-pressed ingredients: the gentle manufacturing process helps to preserve almost all the nutrients from the raw ingredients Easily digestible: delicious taste, crunchy kibble No GMO No artificial colours or conservatives Made in Germany


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