2x15kg Kids Josera Dry Dog Food

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Dog Food Dry Josera - 15kg or 2 x 15kg Saver Packs Raw Ingredients HQ Nutrition buy now deals!

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Growing dogs require a special balance of nutrients during the sensitive growing phase right through to their eventual adult size. Therefore, it’s important that puppies don’t grow too fast so that their bones and muscle develop in time with one another. After the initial puppy phase, growing dogs require a specially balanced diet until they develop into their full adult size. This phase can last in some exceptionally large breeds through the 20th month. Josera Emotion Kids Dog Food was designed for every growing canine older than 8 weeks, regardless of breed or eventual size. No artificial preservatives, colouring, and flavouring. No genetically modified ingredients Food-Grade Meat Also suitable for large breed puppies and young dogs With Additional Benefits: Special recipe with components that have vitalising effect on your pet’s digestion Ideal for pets with beef, lamb, pork, fish or wheat intolerances promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat due to a careful balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin B7, Methionine, and Zinc Strong Bones are promoted by an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio and added copper, as well as essential amino acids including the active ingredients chondroitine and glucosamine Vitality from probiotic Inulin with the added effect of yeast to help supplement digestion. Vitamin E and Selenium protect fundamental cellular functions The vitalising effect of yeast supports healthy digestion Scent-Locking Bag Kibble:



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