2x30 Chicken Ristra Sticks Alpha Spirit Dog Chews
2×30 Chicken Ristra Sticks Alpha Spirit Dog Chews
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2×30 Chicken Ristra Sticks Alpha Spirit Dog Chews


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Alpha Spirit


Do your dog the world of good with Alpha Spirit Ristra Sticks. A high fresh meat and fish content of 85% ensures that these individually packaged snacks provide your dog with a healthy supplementary treat. This snack is extremely suitable even for sensitive dogs, since it is grain-free. Selected ingredients, such as seaweed highly rich in DHA (long-chain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) that improves circulation, make Alpha Spirit Ristra Sticks a healthy snack between meals. What’s more, the snacks contain brewer’s yeast, which protects your dog’s immune system and also stimulates the cerebral metabolism. In addition, innovative tenderising technology simulating natural “pre-digestion” encourages easy ingestion and processing of nutrients. Alpha Spirit Chicken Ristra Sticks at a glance: Hypoallergenic dog chew Exclusively uses fresh meat and fish (no processed animal meal) Grain-free: particularly suitable in cases of grain allergies or intolerance 85% meat and fish: provides valuable protein Practical fresh packaging: individually packed snacks, easily removable from the roll, prevent fingers getting dirty Reduces tartar Seaweed: with anti-inflammatory DHA Brewer’s yeast: supports the brain and immune system Chronodroitin sulphates: for good joint cartilage formation Added zinc: for a beautiful coat and clear skin Patented tenderising technology: well-tolerated thanks to the use of “pre-digested” protein Individual size: 100 x 9 x 9 mm (L x W x H)


Alpha Spirit

Find great deals on Alpha Spirit pet foods! Alpha Spirit is innovative and visionary taking pets back to their origins to offer your pet a food organically appropriate in this actual and exciting world.
Alpha Spirit


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