2x4kg Gastro Kattovit Dry Cat Food

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Kattovit Gastro dry food is a specially developed, gently diet for cats that suffer from stomach and intestinal problems. Such illnesses can cause vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, which can then result in weightloss and dehydration. To combat this, Kattovit Gastro dry cat food contains wholesome, easily digestible rabbit meat as the main source of animal protein. This acts as a source of energy, without putting unnecessary strain on the digestive tract. A lower fat content works alongside a reduced level of crude fibre to further relieve the strain on your pet’s gastro-intestinal tract. This light feed is therefore very suitable for cats weakened after an operation. A higher electrolite content can protect your cat from a loss of fluids. Finally, the enrichment of this dry cat food with taurine and other important vitamins and minerals means that your cat can enjoy a complete, well-balanced diet. Kattovit Gastro at a glance: Gentle diet for cats with stomach and intestinal disorders Ideal as an easily digestible feed during the recovery period after an operation With rabbit meat: healthy, easily digestible source of energy Lower fat and fibre content: relieves strain on the digestive tract Increased electrolite content: sufficient nourishment even in the case of fluid loss With taurine: essential amino acids for a healthy heart and good eyesight With vitamins and minerals: for a complete, balanced diet



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