3.5kg Bozita Original Dry Dog Food

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Pure, natural pet food from Sweden: Bozita Original is made using responsibly sourced ingredients. Only the very best ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms are used and respect the people, the animals and the environment. These tasty recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and with no unnecessary additives. Swedish laws have strict guidelines about animal protection and hygiene, so you know that you are feeding your dog a top quality, tasty meal which is free from antibiotics and carcass meal. Bozita Original is made to a recipe that meets the nutritional needs of adult dogs 1 year and over, with normal activity levels. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes and provides your dog with a balanced, top quality meal with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and happy. It contains fresh, Swedish chicken which is very flavoursome as well as being a great source of valuable protein. It contains FOS, a dietary fibre which promotes good gut flora. This in turn helps to keep the digestive system healthy and working well. Bozita provide your dog with a great tasting meal made from premium, responsibly sourced ingredients. Bozita Original dry dog food at a glance: A complete dry food for dogs Suitable for all adult dogs 1 year and over no matter what breed or size, with normal activity levels Natural recipes: No unnecessary additives, responsibly sourced ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms Made in Sweden: Under strict Swedish guidelines – no antibiotics, no carcass meal or GMOs With fresh chicken: from Swedish farms, provides your dog with all the protein it needs With FOS: prebiotic dietary fibre, that promotes digestive health and can aid nutrient uptake Balanced recipe: provides your pet with all vital nutrients Omega 3 omega 6 fatty acids: support healthy skin and fur Well accepted: intensive taste from natural ingredients All-round kibble: suitable for all jaw sizes Swedish quality: produced in Sweden under the strictest regulations and with the highest quality ingredients



Great deals on Bozita Cat Food & pet supplies! Bozita is a Swedish, top-quality cat food brand using high-class ingredients that contains everything your cat needs to be healthy.


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