300g Fish Kitten Food James Wellbeloved

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James Wellbeloved


The delightful, fresh taste of Ocean White Fish Rice is one that cats love. Low in histamine, white fish is also high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital for the maintenance of optimum health. James Wellbeloved Kitten Fish Rice, with olive oil and vegetables, contains natural cranberry extracts, and is low in magnesium to help keep your cat’s urinary system healthy. It is a complete and balanced food with all the minerals and vitamins your cat needs. With the specific needs of your cat in mind, James Wellbeloved Kitten Fish Rice complete cat food has added omega-3 oils for a soft silky coat. The natural supplements of chicory, cranberry and rosemary are also added to help support your cat’s immune system and help maintain urinary tract health. James Wellbeloved avoids adding artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. All James Wellbeloved pet foods are hypo-allergenic and use a single source of animal protein to help your pet avoid the misery of food intolerance. James Wellbeloved Kitten Fish with olive oil and vegetables is a completely balanced cat food made of natural, wholesome ingredients that are specially selected to provide the nutritional goodness your pet needs: White Fish is an excellent source of high quality protein and fish oil – beneficial to good health. Olive oil, a key part of the healthy Mediterranean diet, is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Potato is a great source of non-meat protein and balances the amino acids in the meat/fish proteins. Brown and Pearl Rice are highly digestible carbohydrate sources that are gentle on the stomach. Tomato is an excellent source of lycopene – the benefits of which are increasingly recognised. Carrots are an excellent source of natural fibre. Cranberries help maintain urinary tract health. Chicory is rich in inulin, which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora. Yucca Extract is a natural deodoriser. Makes scooping the poop friendlier. James Wellbeloved avoids using many of the ingredients renowned for causing food intolerances. This means James Wellbeloved cat and dog food and treats do not contain beef, pork, wheat or wheat gluten, dairy products, eggs or soya.


James Wellbeloved

Great savings on James Wellbeloved! For over 25 years, James Wellbeloved has been combining wholesome, delicious and naturally healthy food to help your pet eat better.
James Wellbeloved


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