36x5cm Lamb Lukullus Dog Bones

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Lukullus Dog Bones are delicious dog chews by Lukullus. They are a tasty dog treat or reward that cares for teeth and gums and will keep your dog busy for ages. Lukullus Dog Bones are a purely natural product, free from preservatives and colourings. They are made exclusively from carefully air-dried rawhide and layers of tasty meat or fish, combined like a sandwich in an appealing bone shape. The consistently high quality of these snacks is ensured by the use of premium ingredients and guaranteed by regular inspections. These small Lukullus Dog Bones are ideal as a long-lasting chewy treat for small-breed dogs, or as a quick snack for larger dogs. They are available in a variety of flavours so you can find the perfect treat for your dog: Chicken: with mouth-watering, easily digestible chicken meat Salmon: rich in healthy fatty acids and wrapped in salmon skin for extra chewing fun Duck: with an especially hearty and delicious flavour Lamb: with extra tender lamb meat Beef: contains plenty of nutritious animal protein Duck with Sweet Potatoes Thyme: delicious, low fat duck and mineral-rich sweet potatoes, refined with aromatic thyme. One side is with meat, the other with vegetables and herbs. Chicken with Carrots Rosemary: easy to digest chicken and vitamin-rich carrots, combined with rosemary for a Mediterranean flair. One side is with meat, the other with vegetables and herbs. Did you know? Chewing is a healthy activity for all dogs. It improves mouth and dental hygiene naturally and exercises the jaws. Lukullus Dog Bones stand out by being especially low in fat (less than 3.5% fat) and are very popular, even with choosy dogs, thanks to their scrumptious meat content. Your dog won’t be able to resist! Lukullus Dog Bones at a glance: Entirely natural small dog chews Sandwich of tasty meat and chewy rawhide layers Quality meat ensures an excellent taste Extremely low in fat (less than 3.5%) Encourages healthy teeth Free from artificial colours and preservatives Lukullus – Trust in the power of nature. Lukullus Dog Bones are also available in a variety of other sizes. Discover the full range here. Please note: This product is delivered with an oxygen absorber in the pack. This serves the purpose of keeping the product fresh and is not suitable for consumption.



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