3×1.2kg Renal Animonda Integra Protect Dry Cat Food

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Integra Protect Renal is a balanced dry food that addresses the specific needs of cats with renal disease or reduced kidney function. Such diseases often result from a previous illness, or can be caused by nutritional or hereditary factors. Cats with renal problems require a special diet with a reduced amount of protein and phosphorous. Integra Protect Renal addresses the fact that these cats are typically not able to digest high levels of phosphorous and have difficulty eliminating the by-products of protein. Food too rich in protein can often risk further compromising an already hampered pair of kidneys. This is why the protein and phosphorous content of Integra Protect Renal has been reduced. The protein used is of the highest quality in order to compensate for your cat’s need to consume it in relatively small quantities. The recipe is completely grain free, making it suitable for cats with grain or gluten intolerances. It contains potato as an easily digestible and nutritious source of carbohydrates. The salmon oil helps to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat, while the inclusion of yucca schidigera naturally supports digestion and cell protection. Integra Protect Renal Dry Cat Food at a glance: Complete dry food for cats with limited kidney functions Dietary food for kidney relief Reduced amount of protein and phosphorous High quality proteins: to supply the necessary protein within a reduced quantity Grain free: suitable for cats with grain or gluten intolerances Salmon oil: for healthy skin and a glossy coat Yucca schidigera: helps to reduce unpleasant odours, and has a prebiotic effect that supports cell protection Free from sugar, soya, or artificial additives


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