3x22cm Pizzle Filling Barkoo Dog Chew Bones
3x22cm Pizzle Filling Barkoo Dog Chew Bones
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3x22cm Pizzle Filling Barkoo Dog Chew Bones


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Chew bones are a great addition to your dog’s daily diet. Chewing and gnawing on things is an important part of your dog’s daily life and your dog will love the chewy raw hide in Barkoo Chew Bones. The tasty bull pizzle filling makes these chew treats very special. The chews are made without artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings so Barkoo Chew bones are a tasty, healthy treat for your pet between meals. They last for ages and can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy. Barkoo has a wide range of delicious natural snacks which encourages this natural instinct. Dogs just can’t get enough of these chewy treats! Barkoo Chew Bones with Bull Pizzle Filling at a glance: Long-lasting chews keep your dog amused for ages Natural, low-fat chew bones No artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives The chew bones are made from whole pieces of rawhide so they will not splinter Irresistible, even for the fussiest dogs Helps to strengthen gums and jaws and keep teeth healthy Made in EU Available in different sizes so they are suitable for all dogs, no matter how big or small Choose from the following sizes: Approx. 12cm: total weight 330g (6 bones) Approx. 17cm: total weight 630g (6 bones) Approx. 22cm: total weight 630g (3 bones) Whether you give your dog a chew as part of training, as a reward for good behaviour, or just as a tasty treat, Barkoo snacks are sure to be a hit! Barkoo – Mad about Snacks! Tip: Barkoo Chew Bones are a great way to distract your dog in stressful situations! Barkoo Chew Bones with Bull Pizzle Filling are a supplementary food and available in various sizes.



Greats deals on Barkoo chews & treats! Barkoo are natural chews made from 100% natural ingredients, these tasty rawhide treats will keep your pup occupied for hours! Barkoo snacks are also great for looking after your dog's teeth and gums.


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