3×240 Tabs Gimpet Baby Tabs Kitten Treats

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Gimpet Baby Tabs are a tasty snack for kittens. The kitten cat snack contains essential vitamins and natural calcium. They are also enriched with highly valuable taurine and L-carnitine. Taurine is essential to cats’ diets as it is needed for healthy eyes and heart. L-carnitine is necessary for providing energy for cell regeneration. It increases vitality and stamina by helping with long-term energy supply. You can feed Gimpet Baby Tabs to your kitten in their pure tab form or ground up and sprinkled over your cat’s food. The combination of essential vitamins, natural calcium and l-carnitine make Gimpet Baby an ideal snack for kittens. Gimpet Baby Tabs: Vitamins – for healthy growth Calcium – good for teeth and bones Taurine – important for the sight and hearing functions L-Carnitine – supports the energy supply Your kitty will grow healthy and strong right from the beginning with Gimpet Baby Tabs…mmm…so tasty!



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