3x25cm Barkoo Knotted Dog Bones
3x25cm Barkoo Knotted Dog Bones
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3x25cm Barkoo Knotted Dog Bones


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These chewy snacks make a delicious addition to your dog’s daily meals. Barkoo Knotted Bones are made from 100% crunchy beef rawhide, which is low in fat. These natural chews can help your dog’s dental hygiene. With no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, Barkoo Knotted Bones are a perfect natural treat between meals. Chewing and gnawing are part of your dog’s daily activities. Barkoo chews encourage this natural instinct with a wide range of delicious snacks for dogs. Dogs just can’t get enough of these chewy treats! Barkoo Knotted Bones at a glance: Made from 100% natural, low fat beef rawhide> Long-lasting chew treats to keep your dog busy No artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives Irresistible, even for fussy dogs Helps to keep teeth healthy and strengthen, gums and jaws Available in different sizes to suit every size and breed: Whether you give your dog chews as part of training, as a reward for good behaviour, or just as a tasty treat, Barkoo snacks are sure to be a hit! Barkoo – Mad about Snacks! Tip: Barkoo Knotted Bones are a great way to help your dog in stressful situations! Barkoo Knotted Bones are made only from natural beef rawhide and available in different chew sizes and quantities. Choose from the following sizes and quantities: approx. 7cm: total weight 60g (6 chews) approx. 11cm: total weight 180g (6 chews) approx. 16cm: total weight 390g (6 chews) approx. 18cm: total weight 480g (6 chews) approx. 25cm: total weight 540g (3 chews) approx. 38cm: total weight 750g (3 chews) approx. 55cm: total weight 1350g (3 chews)



Greats deals on Barkoo chews & treats! Barkoo are natural chews made from 100% natural ingredients, these tasty rawhide treats will keep your pup occupied for hours! Barkoo snacks are also great for looking after your dog's teeth and gums.


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