3x40g Lamb & Fish Grain-Free Purizon Cat Snacks

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Purizon cat food and snacks take their inspiration from the natural diet of the carnivorous cat. Purizon Cat Snacks – Grain-Free are made using only fresh meat, freshly caught fish, and nutrient-rich liver. These treats are completely grain-free. The delicious soft cat snacks have a high protein content. They have been slowly and very gently freeze-dried. This lengthy process helps to ensure that vital nutrients and the delicious, intensive, natural taste are retained, providing an irresistible taste experience that your cat will relish! Purizon Cat Snacks – a delectable treat for meat-loving cats Purizon Cat Snacks – Grain-Free at a glance: Supplementary cat treats 3 different flavours: Chicken Fish, Lamb Fish, Fish Beef 100% finest fresh meat, freshly caught fish and tender liver Gently freeze-dried Completely grain- and gluten-free High protein content Ideal as a treat between meals Well accepted and easy to digest Made using ingredients of only the highest quality Soft consistency – also suitable for older cats Natural, very intense, meaty flavour No artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or colours Innovative pouch closure – easy to re-seal, preserves the taste Only 2 kcal per treat Our tip: Give your cat a little snack between meals with Purizon Cat Snacks or scatter a few over your cat’s food as a special treat. Even the fussiest of cats will love this. Stock up on these scrumptiou, all-natural cat treats with these top value saver packs, available in three enticing flavours. Go to Purizon Grain-Free Cat Snacks for more information on the individual flavours. Have you tried the popular and very nutritious Purizon Dry Cat Food? It’s made from 70% meat and fish, with 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs and is definitely 100% grain-free.



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