3x650g Beef Scalp Rocco Dog Chews
3x650g Beef Scalp Rocco Dog Chews
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3x650g Beef Scalp Rocco Dog Chews


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Rocco Beef Scalp Dog Chews are a completely natural snack made from 100% pure beef. They last for ages, so your dog can enjoy lots of chewy, beefy fun. Beef scalp has a firm structure so when your dog chews on it, it also helps to strengthen the jaw muscles and supports good dental hygiene. It only has 2% fat, so this snack is not adding loads of calories to your dog’s daily diet. Each chew is gently dried in a hot air oven. It’s not smoked, and it is free from artificial colour and preservatives. Some chews might still have a little bit of hair on them. This does not affect the quality of the chew and is completely safe for your dog.



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