4.2 litre Stainless Steel Bowl for Dog Bowl Stand

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Stainless steel pet food bowls are rust-free and very durable. The smooth surface prevents the food from sticking to it. They are very hygienic and easy to keep clean. Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance. You can also pop the stainless steel bowl in the dishwasher. The bowl is dishwasher safe so it will not warp or become misshapen or porous and you will know it is as clean as it can possibly be. This elegant dog bowl makes meal times fun! The Stainless Steel Bowl for dog bowl stands at a glance: Material: Stainless steel Does not rust Very durable Very hygienic Easy to clean Dishwasher safe Suitable as a replacement bowl for double dog bowl stand Size table Stainless Steel Bowl for Dog Bowl Stand: Volume Diameter- Upper edge of bowl – Diameter- footprint (floor) – Height 1.6 litre 21cm 15cm 7cm 2.8 litre 25cm 18.5cm 7.5cm 4.2 litre 28cm 21.5cm 9cm These bowls can be used with the following feeding stands: Dog Bar with Bowls Height-adjustable Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Bowls


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