4kg Urinary Tuna Kattovit Dry Cat Food

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Kattovit Urinary dry cat food with tuna is a special diet developed to meet the specific needs of cats suffering from diseases of the lower urinary tract. FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) is an increasingly common problem in cats, which is often characterised by the development of painful struvite stones that are very uncomfortable for your pet. A special diet is highly important for the prevention of this problem. With this in mind, this dry food has a reduced magnesium content, which can reduce the amount of magnesium in your cat’s urine. This can help to counteract the formation of new struvite stones, since these contain magnesium and require this mineral for their development (ammonium magnesium phosphate stones). Kattovit Urinary dry cat food also contains DL-methionine, which has an acidifying effect on urine. This works together with calcium sulphate to effectively reduce the pH level of your cat’s urine and maintain it at a lightly acidic level (pH level 6.4), which is particularly important because struvite stones can only form in alkaline urine. This dry food also contains tasty, easily digestible tuna as a delicious source of important animal protein. Added ingredients, such as essential taurine and other important vitamins and minerals, mean that this cat food provides your pet with a well-balanced diet. Kattovit Urinary with Tuna at a glance: Special dry food for cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract (FLUTD) Ideal for the prevention of struvite stones With tuna: easily digestible source of animal protein, important source of energy Reduced magnesium content: prevents the formation of struvite stones containing magnesium With DL-methionine and calcium sulphate: acidifying effect, reduces the pH level in cat urine With taurine: essential amino acid for a healthy heart and good vision With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet Easy to digest



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