500ml Exner Petguard Spray Treatment

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This Exner Petguard Spray Treatment allows you to quickly and easily care for your pet’s fur. Th spray contains natural ingredients that can care for the skin and coat in a natural way. It can also help support wound healing, as well as combatting itching, bald spots, infections, yeast fungus and irritation. Exner Petguard Spray Treatment can also help with parasitic infections such as fleas, mites and ticks, whilst being completely non-toxic to humans and pets. A natural way to ensure your pet’s furry wellbeing! Exner Petguard Spray Treatment at a glance: Care spray for skin and coat Suitable for dogs, cats and other pets Intensive care: can support the skin with itching, mites, bald spots, inflammation etc Natural recipe: no harmful ingredients, making it non-toxic for humans and pets Skin-friendly: can promote tissue repair and reduce itching Also suitable for reptiles Instructions for use: Spray the entire animal or the afflicted areas intensively (this can also be done once a week as a preventative measure). If your pet is suffering from parasites, mange or fungal disease it is a good idea to spray daily for 1 week. Cages, sleeping areas and other frequented areas should also be treated. After spraying leave for approx. 20 minutes so that the spray can work and has dried out. There is no need to wash out Exner Petguard. If you wish, you can comb or brush your pet once the spray has dried. Please note: Always read labels and product information before use. Store out of reach of children and pets.



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