55g Duck & Pomegranate Grain-Free Sanabelle Cat Sticks

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Your feline friend will simply adore these soft mini-sticks! Sanabelle Grain-Free Cat Sticks are available in three delicious flavours that combine juicy meat with fruit. These snacks have a soft texture and a very moist consistency. They contain a high meat content and are completely free from any grains! This makes these tasty treats also perfect for cats with nutritional sensitivities or allergies. Sanabelle Grain-Free Cat Sticks are 1.5cm long and are perfectly sized; feed them as a reward or as a snack between meals! These cat sticks are also enriched with functional ingredients to offer extra benefits for your cat; the added taurine helps to strengthen your cat’s eyesight and cardiac function, whereas the salmon oil contains unsaturated fatty acids support a glossy coat and healthy skin. Sanabelle Grain-Free Cat Sticks at a glance: Premium treat for cats Grain-free: suitable for cats with nutritional intolerances or allergies Soft texture: very moist consistency for a high acceptance and a soft texture Rich in meat: these treats are comprised of approximately 90% meat Delicious flavours: with a combination of tasty meat and dried fruit Perfect as a treat: these supplementary snacks are great as a reward or as a small, tasty snack between meals With taurine: taurine can help strengthen your cat’s eyesight With salmon oil: contains omega fatty acids, which can help to support a healthy and glossy coat With yucca extract: helps to reduce unpleasant stool odour in the litter tray Made in Germany



Great savings on Sanabelle! Sanabelle dry cat food has a great taste and is easy to digest. Sanabelle meets the demand for high quality standards with an excellent value for money.


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