60x20ml Mixed Pack Feringa Cat Milk Treat
60x20ml Mixed Pack Feringa Cat Milk Treat
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60x20ml Mixed Pack Feringa Cat Milk Treat


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Feringa Little Mouse Milk Snack is a highly digestible, lactose-free milk for cats. This snack comes in practical, individual packets that provide your beloved pet with a fresh snack every day. The carefully thought-out combination of flavours means that you have a wide variety to choose from. Each day, you can decide between cherry, honey, cranberry or cream and surprise your cat with a different variety. This snack contains no added sugar. The lactose-free recipe means that this treat is easily digestible because too much lactose can often lead to digestion problems in cats. The Feringa cat milk also ensures that your cat drinks enough each day. Feringa – lovingly prepared, just like home-made! A Mixed Pack contains five of each of the following varieties: Milk mouse with cherry Milk mouse with honey Milk mouse with cranberry Milk mouse with cream Feringa Cat Milk at a glance: Lactose-free Highly digestible No added sugar In practical individual packets, fresh every day Made in Germany



Find great deals on Feringa pet supplies! Feringa pet foods are grain-free. Wet and dry cat food is a great way to ensure your pet has a natural, species appropriate diet. Feringa is also gluten-free. Carefully selected easy to digest fruit, vegetables and tasty herbs are used instead of grain.


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