6x100g Senior Poultry & Venison Miamor Mild Meal Wet Cat Food

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Miamor Mild Meal is a very healthy wet food, and due to its special formulation it is ideal for sensitive cats, older cats, or cats that are overweight or inactive. Miamor Mild Meal cat food is made using only pure, light meat from poultry. Many cat foods are made using lots of liver and other offal to make the food appetising, but not all cats tolerate offal. Miamor Mild Meal cat foods are guaranteed not to contain offal or animal by-products. This makes the meals very easy to digest and very healthy. The food also has a lower fat content, which makes it suitable for cats that are older, overweight or less active. The added vitamins and minerals make this a complete food that provides all of the nutrients your cat needs. Miamor Mild Meals at a glance: Delicious wet food suitable for all cats Suitable for sensitive and senior cats, as well as those that are overweight or less active Made with pure poultry meat Guaranteed no liver, offal or bones No animal by-products Very easy to digest and healthy Low fat content With essential vitamins and minerals Balanced and complete food



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