6x200g Salmon & Turkey Symphonie GranataPet Wet Cat Food

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Meat is not only a firm favourite of cats, it is also the way in which nature intended their digestive tracts to receive a protein-rich nutrition! This GranataPet Symphonie 6 x 200g has a high meat content, making it easy to digest and well-accepted. Grains, on the other hand, are difficult for your cat to digest, so this dish is entirely grain-free, helping to avoid unwanted dietary intolerances. GranataPet Symphonie 6 x 200g offers balanced, holistic feline nutrition entirely without grain or gluten. The hearty meat chunks are in a delicious natural jelly and ensure a fantastic taste experience. Fresh muscle meat and fillet pieces are cut into cubes and blanched at 65 degrees, then put into cans using a gentle fermentation process. The delicious jelly forms during this process and contains a range of valuable nutrients. This gentle manufacturing process allows the maintenance of beneficial vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. Salmon oil is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the metabolism, skin and coat health. The pomegranate seeds in GranataPet Symphonie 6 x 200g are rich in a range of nutrients and vitamins, which have antioxidant effects and can support the cardiovascular system and body immunity, amongst other things. The addition of taurine supports healthy eyesight and heart function. As with all GranataPet products, it contains neither bone meal nor artificial colours and flavourings. GranataPet Symphonie 6 x 200g at a glance: Production: exclusively in Germany Gentle production process: freshly diced muscle meat and fillets, blanched at 65 degrees and gently fermented in cans Natural jelly: occurs naturally during fermentation and is rich in valuable nutrients 97% meat content: particularly rich in high-quality meat and fish Free from grains: easy to digest and suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats Rich in taurine: promotes healthy eyesight and heart functions, improving your cat’s wellbeing Salmon oil: rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can have a positive effect on metabolism, skin and coat Pomegranate seeds: rich in potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron, as well as high in active substance ellagic acid, which has the following possible benefits: Maintains cell and tissue health: protects against free radicals (antioxidative effects), detoxification, improves cell renewal and maintenance Heart, circulation and immune system: protects against infection, combats inflammation, improves circulation and can help fat-burning Brain, nerves and eyes: supports mental capacity and nerve cell protection GranataPet products are guaranteed to be free from: grains, gluten, form meat, bone meal, added sugar, protein substitutes such as soya, artificial colours and flavourings, vitamin K3, animal testing, GMOs (genetically modified ingredients) With GranataPet Symphonie, the most gourmand of cats can enjoy a delicious wet food meal made with the finest ingredients.



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