6x400g Organic Chicken with Rice Herrmann’s Menu Wet Dog Food

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Herrmann’s Menu offers a balanced, healthy and species-appropriate complete food for your dog. It contains a high percentage of premium, certified organic ingredients frrom controlled organic farms. The meat comes from organic farms that humanely both raise and slaughter their own animals. The top quality ingredients are sourced in Upper Bavaria, where the Hermann’s production site is situated and they believe that quality and ethical values are very important so all animals are slaughtered at the respective farms to avoid transporting the animals. All animal feed is closely monitored and antibiotics or other growth-promoting substances are strictly forbidden. It is also very important that all animals are raised free-range or in conditions where they have regular access to open spaces. Only two of the meat varieties used in Herrmann’s Menu are not certified organic: Fish – farmed fish often have to endure poor rearing conditions so it is preferable to catch wild fish Game – the meat is sourced from organic farms, but there are no EU rules about organic game meat since game normally lives in the wild. Each of the Herrmanns varieties has only one single protein, making them suitable for feeding to dogs with sensitivities or allergies. Each variety contains at least 50% meat, with the fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and oils also from certified organic sources that are mostly local to Herrmann’s. These ingredients take care of the necessary vitamins, fibre and minerals in your dog’s diet. Gentle preparation ensures that nutrients are preserved and that the food stays fresh for a long time without needing to use preservatives. The tins are filled and sealed at 3°C and then gently heated. This also helps to prevent bacterial growth. Products and manufacturing processes are subject to regular quality controls from an independent quality testing agency as well as veterinary experts to ensure the standard of the products is always first-class. Herrmann’s Menu at a glance: Complete dog food High quality raw ingredients: all organic ingredients come from certified organic producers Attention to quality and ethics: animals from farms that raise and slaughter their own animals to avoid unnecessary animal transport, raised on foodstuffs strictly controlled to ensure no antibiotics or growth hormones are used and allowed to graze in the open air where possible Premium meat quality: meat from the German state of Bavaria – local to the Herrmann’s manufacturing plant – from organic sources (apart from game and fish) Single protein foods with at least 50% meat: each variety contains a single source of animal protein, with at least 50% meat content Fruit, vegetables, carbohydrate, oil: all from certified organic sources that are mostly local to the manufacturing plant, that help to provide all of the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre that your dog needs Gentle production: the tins are filled and sealed at 3°C and then gently heated. This also helps to prevent bacterial growth and allows for a long shelf-life of 18-24 months without needing to add preservatives No additives or preservatives Constant quality controls to maintain a consistent quality standard: Herrmann’s products are regularly checked by an independent quality control lab and veterinary experts. The defining qualities of Herrmann’s proteins: Organic beef: very lean, high in zinc, B complex vitamins, vitamin A D, potassium, sodium, iron. We use meat from the bone, heart, lungs, larynx with a high biological value Organic poultry: (chicken, turkey, goose, duck), highly digestible, breast meat and necks for an excellent, balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, no antibiotics or other growth-promoting substances in the feed of the animals for slaughter Organic Lamb: very lean, rich in zinc, low allergenic potential, is ideal for an exclusion diet, processed or hanger steak, heart, lungs and larynx, feed the animals for slaughter comes from 100% organic farming Game: has a low allergenic potential and a high protein content. We use hanger steak, lean meat portions, heart, lungs, larynx. This meat is not organic because the wild is the best habitat for game. To ensure organic quality the animals would need to live in enclosures. Fish: (salmon, cod, trout) is easily digestible and rich in protein, and also contains many fatty acids, exclusively fish fillets, no innards, bones are minced and ensure a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio. Due to the conditions under which fish are caught wild, this is also not certified organic. Organic Control Body: DE-ÖKO-006



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