6x80g Chicken Dumbbells Pure Vitakraft Dog Treats
6x80g Chicken Dumbbells Pure Vitakraft Dog Treats
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6x80g Chicken Dumbbells Pure Vitakraft Dog Treats


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Vitakraft Pure Chicken Dumbbells are a particularly delicious treat for all dogs, with an exquisite combination aromatic rawhide and wholesome chicken in the shape of a dumbbell that will bring your dog plenty of joy! These treats will always be well-accepted, no matter whether you feed them as a treat or as a little bit of variety for your dog’s diet. With 100% pure chicken as the meat content and no colourings or artificial flavour enhances, these Vitakraft Pure Chicken Dumbbells offer high-quality healthy enjoyment, freshly prepared and without any meat meal. They also contain no potential allergens, including sugar, soya, wheat, egg, milk products and meat meal, to increase acceptance. Vitakraft Pure Chicken Dumbbells come in practical resealable pouches that keep these treats fresh for longer and guarantee daily chewing enjoyment. Vitakraft Pure Chicken Dumbbells at a glance: Delicious chewy dumbbells for dogs of all breeds and sizes Ideal for variety between meals or as a healthy treat High quality chewing enjoyment: freshly prepared for pure meat, entirely without meat meal With 100% chicken as the meat content With hearty beef rawhide Free from colourings and artificial flavour enhancers Low allergenic potential: no added sugar, soya, wheat, egg or milk products In practical, resealable pouches for long-lasting freshness



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