70cmx30mm Trixie Long Hair USB Flash Light Dog Collar

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Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Long Hair is the obvious solution for your long-haired dog, improving visibility and making late night walks significantly safer. This 3cm-wide light collar has a wide, flat inner side, ensuring it does not cut in and making it extremely comfortable for your dog. The light will last up to 4 hours in flashing mode and up to 2.5 hours in continuous mode, as well as being visible up to 500m away. This makes your dog much easier to see, both for you and for night time traffic. This Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Long Hair is particularly useful as it can be recharged via its integrated USB port, meaning there is no need to change the batteries. Simply attach it to your computer or laptop via the included USB cable and leave it to charge. The extra-wide collar is made from waterproof silicon tubing that protects the LEDs, on/off switch and USB port from showers, meaning your dog can wear this collar whatever the weather! The collar can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. Once you have found the most comfortable size, simply mark it with a sticker and cut it to this point with a pair of scissors. The collar fastens easily with a simple silicone push catch. The light in the Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Long Hair can meet a variety of needs. There are three light modes which can be alternated between by pressing numerous times. This allows you to choose between fast flashing, slow flashing and continuous settings. In flashing mode, the battery will last for around 4 hours, while the continuous mode will last for around 2.5 hours. Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Long Hair at a glance: Flat LED dog collar, ideal for long-haired breeds Extra-wide light colour: this ensures it does not cut in to your dog or get caught in long fur, causing discomfort Made from waterproof silicone: ideal for use on daily walks, even in adverse weather conditions With integrated USB port: for simple recharging of the batteries Shower-resistant: to ensure that the on/off switch, LEDs and USB port do not get damaged by the rain Can be easily trimmed to your dog’s individual needs Increased safety during walks: With a light lasting up to 4 hours Lights up brightly at night or in bad weather Unmissable within a 500m radius A choice of three light settings: Press once for fast flashing Press twice for slow flashing Press three times for continuous light USB cable included: the light collar can be easily charged by connecting it to your laptop or computer Light duration: flashing light will approx. 4 hours and continuous will last approx. 2.5 hours Fastening: push catch Material: silicon Colour: blue Charging capacity: USB Width/diameter: 30mm Size guide: Fully adjustable – cut with scissors to fit. Size Length Lights M-L 50cm 9 LEDs L-XL 70cm 12 LEDs What’s this?



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