8in1 Delights Variety Pack Dog Treats

Buy Variety Pack 8in1 Delights Dog Treats – 8in1 Delights Selection – a unique combination of tasty meat and chewy premium raw hide, now available as a… Read more»

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8in1 Delights Selection – a unique combination of tasty meat and chewy premium raw hide, now available as a mixed variety taster pack containing various top quality 8 in 1 chew bones and chew sticks. Whether you feed 8in1 Delights to your dog as a treat, a reward or as something to keep it amused, your dog will enjoy this snack. The 8in1 chew bones and sticks are low fat and very tasty. They are a great way to give your dog some pleasure and to look after its teeth at the same time. When your dog chews on the snack it is also improving its gums and cleaning its teeth. Feed your dog 8in1 snacks regularly to help reduce plaque and to keep teeth and gums healthy. The 8in1 Delights Selection contains: 3 x Delights XS Chew Bones: Delicious chicken wrapped in chewy premium-raw hide 2 x Delights Chew Sticks: A unique combination of taste and functionality in a practical stick 2 x Delights Chew Bones Strong XS: Intensive chew experience to strengthen the chewing muscles 3 x Delights Dental Chew Bones XS: Contain cleansing minerals for whiter teeth and fresh breath 3 x Delights Beef Chew Bones XS: Tasty beef wrapped in chewy rawhide. Adds variety to your dog’s diet 2 x Delights Beef Chew Sticks: Long-lasting chew fun in stick form with lots of delicious beef Give your dog a different 8in1 treat each day. These delicious snacks are a patented combination of meat and rawhide. They have an enticing smell and the portions of meat on the edges will awaken your dog’s interest and keep it chewing to get at the meat inside. They encourage your dog to chew, right down to the last little bit. 8in1 Delights Selection: 6 different Delights varieties to try Unique and patented Cleans your dog’s teeth Reduces plaque and prevents tartar from forming Satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincs Long-lasting fun without leftovers Low fat content No artificial colour or flavour enhancers The 8in1 Delights Selection – a delicious variety of treats. For further information on the different varieties please click on the following links: 8in1 Delights Chew Bones 8in1 Dental Delights Beef Chewsticks 8in1 Delights Beef Chew Bones 8in1 Delights Strong Bones



Great deals on 8in1 pet supplies! 8in1, the leading pet food specialist from their beginnings, the 8in1 brand has evolved through innovation and today provides the best quality throughout their pet products.


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