AATU Dog Artisan Bakes 150g
AATU Dog Artisan Bakes 150g
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AATU Dog Artisan Bakes 150g


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AATU Dog Artisan Bakes 150g AATU Dog Artisan Bakes 150g – Complementary pet food for dogs. Artisan Bakes, lovingly hand made using traditional baking methods which enhance the natural aromas that dogs love! Carefully cooked in renewable and sustainable energy sourced wood burning ovens that help give the perfect crunchy bite. AATU ‘artisan bakes’ are made with the highest quality natural ingredients. They include Pet Food UK’s unique ‘SUPER-8’, a bespoke combination of 8 vegetables, 8 fruits, 8 herbs and also 8 botanicals & spices. This also makes for a incredible flavour. Free from grain, white potato and also gluten, these bite-sized treats come in a handy re-sealable pouch to keep the product at its absolute freshest! AATU ‘artisan bakes’ are the perfect tool for training or also to enjoy as a tasty treat. Single protein for dogs. Oven baked Hand made Fruit & vegetables Gluten free Flavours available: Chicken Duck Click here for AATU Artisan Bakes for Puppies!



Great deals on AATU pet foods! Super premium dog and cat food, containing a minimum of 80% single sourced meat protein. The remaining 20% contains a unique blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs & botanicals.


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