Adaptil Calm Refill for Diffuser
Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refill
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Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refill


Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refills for the Adaptil Diffuser with the synthetic imitation of the D.A.P. works to soothe your dog in stressful situations Read more»

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Buy Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refills for the Adaptil Diffuser with the synthetic imitation of the D.A.P. works to soothe your dog in stressful situations, giving it a feeling of security. The odourless ingredients create a calm atmosphere, making the diffuser ideal for moving house, getting used to new people and pets, or when your dog has to stay home alone for a while. Dogs can become frightened in many different situations, and may retreat or act differently in order to show us how they feel. Especially for puppies, the world can be a big and scary place. The Adaptil Diffuser helps to prevent your dog from feeling scared and behaving in disruptive or difficult ways. The natural Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P) is normally produced by nursing female dogs, helping their puppies to feel safe and secure. The imitation synthetic pheromone in the Adaptil Diffuser helps dogs of any age to feel calm in new situations or with new people. The diffuser plugs into any standard wall socket and gives out the artificially produced imitation pheromone into the air circulating in the room. It is effective in a 50 – 70 m2 radius for approx. 4 weeks. The efficacy of the ingredients has been confirmed in scientific studies, and is harmless to both humans and animals. Adaptil Diffuser at a glance: Specially designed for dogs Suitable for every age and breed Plug-in diffuser: spreads the pheromone evenly throughout the room With D.A.P: 100% accurate imitation of the natural soothing pheromone given out by nursing female dogs Encourages relaxation in new or stressful situations Prevents scared or disruptive behaviour Effective for up to 30 days Odourless Suitable for long-term use Scientifically proven effectiveness – recommended by vets! When using the diffuser in a new environment for your dog, turn on the diffuser 24 hours before introducing your dog to the new place. Continue use for at least 4 weeks. For intensive preparation for new or stressful situations (e.g. fireworks), it is recommended to begin using the diffuser 2 weeks before the event. No side effects for humans or animals Volume: 48ml Adaptil – the secret to a happier dog! Instructions for use: Plug in the diffuser in a room that your dog spend the most time in. The diffuser should remain plugged in here, day and night, for 4 weeks. Do not cover the diffuser and ensure that no furniture is places over or in front of it, as there is a risk that the diffuser could leave marks, and the pheromone will not be effectively distributed throughout the room. One container works for approx. 4 weeks when used constantly in a room of 50 – 70m. The vial should then be replaced. Please check the diffuser a few days before 4 weeks is over, as the size of the room, position of the furniture and air circulation can influence how quickly it runs out. To help you remember to change the diffuser, each refill comes with a sticker which you can attach to your calendar or diary. If necessary the Adaptil Diffuser can be refilled up to 5 times, before the diffuser itself needs to be replaced. Please dispose of used batteries and electrical items responsibly. Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. What’s this?



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