Adaptil Calming Dog Spray
Adaptil Calming Dog Spray
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Adaptil Calming Dog Spray


Adaptil Calming Dog Spray – Adaptil Transport Spray can help your dog to cope with everyday situations that cause them stress or anxiety Read more»

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Adaptil Transport Spray can help your dog to cope with everyday situations that cause them stress or anxiety. Reactions to stress in dogs can manifest themselves as bouts of vomiting, barking, jumpiness or howling. If your dog exhibits any of these behaviours when you are travelling or doing other activities, then Adaptil may be just the right product to help. After mother dogs give birth to their puppies, they excrete a pheromone or scent that has a calming effect on their young. The pheromone helps the puppies to cope with all of the new sights, sounds and experiences that they come across in their first days. Adaptil Spray is odourless and contains a synthetic form of this special pheromone. It is a natural way of stopping dogs from being afraid and keeping them relaxed. Stressful situations can include: Car journeys Socialisation Unfamiliar situations Loud noises (fireworks, storms, etc.) Moving house Staying in kennels Travel It is recommended to use Adaptil Spray from the puppy stage to avoid anxieties occurring. The spray has been developed and recommended by vets. It is easy to use and ideal for intermittent use. Adaptil Spray at a glance: Spray with synthesized pheromones, identical to the natural pheromone For dogs of any age and breed Promotes wellness in new or unfamiliar situations, supporting your dog whilst allowing it to remain alert Reduces stress behaviours Odourless Scientifically proven effects – developed and recommended by vets For temporary help while on the move, relieving travel stress or anxiety for vet’s visits Please note the following important delivery details: Delivery is exclusively to mainland UK. We are currently unable to deliver these products to a small minority of UK postcodes, including offshore islands, the Scottish Highlands, the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. Delivery time is usually 1-2 days from ordering. Due to the nature of this product, it may be delivered in a separate parcel and via a different delivery service to the rest of your order. You will not be subject to additional delivery charges for this service. This product is only for domestic use and may not be sold for commercial use.



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